Philadelphia is going to hell in a handbasket

William PennAmong the assertions that will be routinely made here is the one above; namely, that the city of Philadelphia is well nigh doomed, and that its people and institutions will continue to exhibit increasingly psychotic behavior as the situation grows worse. Though usually attributed to the unreasonable demands of local residents for something approaching equity and decency in civic affairs, this is most often the fault of the city’s stifling elite consensus working in tandem with a corrupt bully politics that would make Yeltsin blush.

Think beefy obnoxious men getting each other in headlocks and calling each other “faggot” a lot, meanwhile in the next room a Penn professor is misquoting some thirdhand Richard Florida he heard on NPR. And they’re on the same team.

Today’s news is a waa-waa for the few left at the post-buyout Inquirer, as the new management at Philadelphia Newspapers Inc. announces that the beatings will stop when morale improves. Via the New York Times:

Mr. Tierney is believed to be considering new layoffs at the Inquirer that could reduce its newsroom staff by 30 percent or more. The Daily News staff had already been so diminished that there is no discussion of layoffs there. Advertising revenue at both papers has plunged and circulation continues to spiral downward.

Editor of Philadelphia Inquirer Ousted


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