How’m I ‘posed to know where your mouth been last

Beefy beefAs the hipsters forsake Madlib for baile funk or forro or whatever, MF Doom’s profile also begins its slow descent from perhelion. The Voice helps get the backlash started by portraying Doom as having gotten too famous to hang around with his former partner, earnest disabled ex-con MF Grimm.

Beef is now a generic rap storyline, and emerges naturally from close cohabitation by immature “businessmen” that talk about themselves for a living, spending too much time together in windowless recording studios that smell of KFC, Lugz and stale Dutch Masters. The he said-he said ex-collaborator stories, however, are a distinct subgenre of beef tale, and come in three varieties: the Sole/El-P “no really, I didn’t diss you” version, the Cube/NWA “dude you’re like gay” variety, and the Eminem/Outsidaz “we were going to take over the world together and then you blew up without me” type.

In this piece (one of the latter sort) we learn that Doom, and apparently most of his former and current associates, still take the mask and the “villain” role seriously. And you thought it was just a gimmick that was wearing off.

“The whole Villain thing is really like looking at how other people see him,” he says. “The oppressors usually look at the people they’re oppressing as the villains. But the oppressed are the heroes to the people, so I just accept it now. I’ll be the villain. I’ll be the hero to the hip-hop world.”

Private Enemy“, in the Village Voice


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