Fatalism as job requirement

Tariq AyoubIs it on? Oh shit yes it’s on. Al-Jazeera International kicks off this week on cable and satellite services to which I do not subscribe, reporting from places I’ve never been. In the future, everyone will have a bespoke 24-hour satellite news channel for 15 minutes.

Al-Jazeera, however, has paid the cost to be the boss. What the Guardian, in the article below, describes as the “missionary zeal” of its employees is well beyond that engendered by the rah-rah motivational boss behavior that we’re used to seeing in the media (Howell Raines straining football metaphors, Dean Baquet jumping on top of a desk and declaiming, Conrad Black calling up reporters and offering his unique brand of gentle, fatherly advice). Repeated air assault will engender a certain degree of workplace loyalty with which a good dental plan cannot readily compete:

Omaar is not too concerned. “How bad can it be? It’s been bombed twice, how much damage can a couple of negative editorials do?”

Look East“, from the Guardian


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