Highest & best use

After the casino went down to neighbourhood opposition, the land near the canal in Griffintown — clearly unsuited for industrial use, as it features large, contaminated sites with good access to highways, the rail freight system, and the port — is once again in play. I’ve got a crisp blue five riding on the overwhelming likelihood that in the coming weeks, we will get to hear the developer defend a gigantic Old Navy as “sustainable development.”

Le groupe immobilier Devimco convoite en effet le secteur de Griffintown aux abords du Canal Lachine pour y construire un projet de 1,2 milliard de dollars qui allierait des espaces pour des magasins à grande surface, des commerces de taille moyenne, des espaces à bureau et quelques milliers de logements.

Méga-projet immobilier dans le Sud-Ouest“, from Le Devoir

Just because popular opinion rejected one project doesn’t mean that a different socially, economically, and environmentally regressive strategy can’t be pursued on the site. We shall see.

I shouldn’t talk like this, as uncle Lucien will chide me for my laziness and lack of vision.

Update: Wrongity wrong wrong wrong. According to CP (via TVA via Montreal City), it’s “situé entre le canal et l’autoroute Bonaventure, de même que les rues Wellington et Ottawa. Il comprendrait plusieurs plates-formes commerciales sur lesquelles seraient juchées, en moyenne, quatre tours de logements aux extrémités”. Therefore north of the canal, and outside the area depicted in the photo above.
Warning, indie rockers: This may threaten the Cove.


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