Could be worse

You could be living in Europe.

Kids in the museum DANGER DANGER

In the UK, one of the benefits of an actual youth culture, in which 16-year-olds moving out, getting fucked up, and going at each other is considered normal, is that the older generation feels titanically alienated by their better-looking offspring. Criminalizing the kids — not in a literal sense, as the prosecutorial fiat by which teenagers are regulated is well outside the norms and standards that accompany actually proving criminal charges against someone — has become a national mission. The effort is sufficiently vicious and incoherent as to make Tony Blair beam and render David Cameron’s weak and no less dishonest “hug a hoodie” a bold challenge from the left, though it generally amounts to “let’s go after parents and teachers“. Oi indeed.

Now it’s reached the point where the presence of more than three teenagers in a fucking museum is sufficient cause to put a SWAT team on standby.

Vinz, Said et HubertMeanwhile in France, people are warming up to decide which snarling kid-baiter will maintain a pompous air of prissy personal satisfaction in the face of growing social unrest. Looks like it will be Sarko vs. Sego in a race to the depths, one-upping one another to see who can blame the largest fraction of French society for its lack of self-hatred and unwillingness to accept “responsibility” in the face of an economy that provides neither jobs nor progress nor security. Unless the awesomely supercilious Jacques Chirac manages to stage a comeback and thereby extend his immunity from prosecution for another seven years.


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