Pass de budget pon de left hand side

Lots of municipal projects get on the drawing board, sent out as public relations tools, trial balloons, and what have you. There is a difference, however, between words like “support”, “favour”, or “encourage” and words like “will”.

That difference is this little document, the Programme triennal d’immobilisations. If you want to know what’s going to be torn up and redone in the next three years, this is where you go to follow the money. This year it’s nicely broken down by borough and by administrative unit. Because Montreal keeps it real like that.

As part of the same exercise we get to dig into the 2007 city budget. Highlights for next year include $9.5 million for bicycle-related projects (more lines painted on the street for police to ignore or willfully misunderstand while aggressively ticketing cyclists, perhaps?), maintaining the same dollar figure for contributions to the STM (without rising in tandem with inflation or the general growth in the STM budget, this would appear to be a slight cut) while hiking those for the AMT by 10.8%, and the long-dreaded connection of Cavendish between Ville St-Laurent and Cote-Saint-Luc (a final repudiation of the charming fiction that those who dwell along Cavendish live on a quiet residential street).


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