Talking every talk, walking no walks

Previously, you may have dismissed the Green Party of Canada as a (probably) Tory-funded stalking horse for the NDP, whose electoral premise was to stand for as little as possible in an attempt to soak up undefined protest votes. You may have been put off by the centralizing antics of a federal party seemingly terrified of its actual grassroots base, its opaque policy development and candidate selection procedures, and other features that looked a little more like certain other entities on our landscape than its (vastly more relevant, innovative and worthwhile) European cousins.

No longer! The Greens are more than an endless series of soi-disant environmentalists primly defending their nonexistent “progressive” credentials on your favorite message board. Now you can be assured that under the leadership of Elizabeth May there’s more than one party on the federal scene willing to have “a dialogue” about reproductive rights.


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