Working the corner

The lot at the corner of St-Laurent and Mont-Royal has never lived up to its apparent potential, much like the past several restaurants in the space immediately to the south (Savannah made some waves with the kind of nouveau-Southern food that would work well in an American city but lacked cultural cachet up north, while 55° has caught love for its wine pricing but doesn’t appear to be any better than Savannah was at filling enough tables to meet what must be a pretty high rent). It looks like it would make an ideal spot for a packed terrasse, but has been curiously empty (permit issues? sheer disinterest?) save for some indifferent landscaping.

As these things will happen, a sign appeared suddenly annoucing that all of that was going to change. Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust, which already owns two heavily-renovated commercial buildings nearby, the Balfour at Prince-Arthur and the catichily-monikered 4436-4450 St-Laurent (home to the aforementioned restaurant space), is looking to develop six stories of commercial and retail there, to be managed by Groupe Immobilier de Montréal (which manages 4416, 4428, and 4436 St-Laurent).

The rendering below doesn’t promise a creative solution to the constraints of the site, and the kind of reliable high-end tenants that big-money building managers and REITs love are exactly the kind of snoozers that are killing that stretch of the Main: giant empty stores full of giant leather couches for some asshole’s giant empty loft. At the very least we already have a sufficient density of Subway and Pharmaprix locations around the intersection that we will likely be spared additional sources of nail polish or oddly-textured cold cuts.

No love, motherfuckers. If you want to make money on the Main you had better step your game up.


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