About Assertions

Assertions contains assertions, most of which are likely to be intended as statements of fact but which may or may not be factual in and of themselves.

The topics under discussion will largely encompass (or more accurately be encompassed by) the very hot topics which have made blogs the favourite vehicle of self-expression for sixteen-year-olds and self-aggrandizing journalists (both real and imaginary) alike: Montreal, urban development, urban planning, keeping it real, media hoo-haa, the wrongness of certain others, distrust, alienation, revolt, and amusing trifles.

Spelling, punctuation, and other matters of style will heedlessly mix Canadian and American conventions. Only I will care about this, or even notice.

Contains strong language and relentless negativity. Viewer discretion is your own affair.

The image above is a panorama of Ranital, a five-hundred-year-old water body in the city of Jabalpur in eastern Madhya Pradesh, built by the Gond warrior queen Rani Durgavati. The Jabalpur Municipal Corporation and the Jabalpur Development Authority are continuing their thirty-year project of filling this enormous urban lake with trash, rubble and anything they can find. Folly marches on.


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